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Competency Exploration for
Development And Readiness (CEDAR)

CEDAR is a web-based competency assessment tool for Federal government personnel. It provides a flexible interface that uses employee self-assessment and supervisor proficiency ratings to guide training and development needs.

How It Works

First-time use of the tool will typically include the following steps:

  1. Registration

    Supervisor registers for a new account

  2. New Position

    Supervisor creates a new position with associated competencies

  3. Position Assessment

    Supervisor identifies targeted proficiency levels and the employee’s proficiency

  4. Employee Profile

    Employee receives an email notification and completes his/her profile to create an account

  5. Career Growth

    Employee identifies additional desired competencies for personal career growth (optional)

  6. Self-Assessment

    Employee conducts a self-assessment on the position and career growth competencies

  7. Results

    CEDAR calculates the results and makes them available for the supervisor and employee to view

  8. Conversation

    Supervisor & Employee print the results to facilitate a conversation on development (recommended)


Thank you for your interest in using the Competency Exploration for Development and Readiness (CEDAR) tool. Only supervisors who will be conducting assessments for their employees should use this registration form. If you are an employee interested in a competency assessment, you may send a request to your immediate supervisor. All fields are required.

  • If this email address is not currently associated with an existing account, it will be used as your username for login.
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There was a problem trying to create your registration. Please email for further assistance.

Complete Your Registration

Just a few more steps are needed to complete your registration.

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    Check your inbox

    Look for your confirmation email to
    complete your registration

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    Activate your account

    Follow the link from your confirmation
    email to activate your account

Possible Existing Account

It is likely that you already have a user account with another OPM application, which you can use to login and complete your registration. If you feel that you are receiving this message in error, please email for assistance.

Confirm Supervisor Registration

This registration is for Supervisors only. Please confirm that you are attempting to register as a Supervisor.

Note: Confirming your supervisor registration for CEDAR indicates that you understand the assessment results are to be used for training and development purposes only and not for performance evaluation, hiring, or compensation.

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